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Among my contemporaries, I have seen in recent years how great the transformation is that women go through around the age of fifty. Children leave home, parents fade into the background, and our own bodies change. Society reacts differently to women in their fifties than to women in their thirties. It is a transition phase and can entail uncertainty, especially about your appearance.

I noticed how important appearance is when I moved to Rome in the 1990s. Italian women looked so different than I was used to in the Netherlands ! They put a lot of effort into looking feminine and confident and love receiving compliments.

I have always loved to work and ‘play’ with clothes. As a toddler, my mother allowed me to choose what I wanted to wear once every week and I used to pick the craziest outfits! In Rome I tried my best to adopt the Italian look. I managed to adapt to the clothing style there and even worked successfully as a personal shopper. But I was still looking for my own style and also wore a lot of black. Somehow you couldn’t quite see my potential on the outside. It only came into its own when I moved to London in 2012 and started training as a stylist at House of Colour.

Personal Style sessie

Styling by Maud - Maud Janssen - Den Haag

Barcelona 2010, in black.

I feel very good about it

For the first time I saw myself in the right colours

For the first time I saw myself in the right colours and later also in the style that really suits me. The effect was so overwhelming! I saw and understood why I had looked tired for years in shades that didn’t do anything for me and with a ‘nude’ lipstick that disappeared on my face. 

I immediately knew what I would do in England. I would finally turn my passion into my job: showing women how to feel good by looking good. How to be visible and to present their best selves with greater self-confidence.

I enjoy being looked at with that look of ‘she has dressed for it!’ If you pay attention to your look and your clothes and know what works, you often get compliments on your appearance. I feel very good about this. And I wish this for others too!


Radiant, feminine and confident – ​​when I see that, I’m happy!

Back in the Netherlands, I was struck by how harshly Dutch women can criticise each other on their appearances. How unkind some women can be to themselves and to others. And it it precisely this group of women, who are in the middle of that transition phase around their fifties, who suffer from this. And they are dear to my heart. I know better than anyone how the right clothing in the right colour and style can help with that. In the Netherlands I am committed to helping these women.

The fact that I hold a Master in Psychology helps me in dealing with and guiding my clients. I am committed to helping these women dress in ways that show themselves as they are with flair and confidence.

Radiant, feminine and confident – ​​when I see that, I’m happy!

Don’t forget to smile

Dress up, life is a party!

What is typical for me is my love for life, my passion for what I do and the energy for trying new things! Dare to live your best life and shine every day!

Is your blooming period over? Nonsense!

I look for the clothes that look good on you and support your appearance

Something else you should know about me is that I always look at the positive side of things. You won’t hear me tell you only what doesn’t look good on you or what you should stay away from. 

I will look for the things that do look good on you and support your appearance. And I always get goosebumps when someone wearing the right colours & clothes stare at themselves in the mirror with an admiring look. Every time, again and again.

My vision on style and clothing around the age of fifty is that there is no reason to shine less and to emphasise our femininity any less, just because your body changes slightly. Is your blooming period over? Nonsense! Your clothes should reflect who you are and make you feel confident and good. Maybe this is just the time, right now!

Want to know how to look your best? Contact me without any obligation!

my life

Did you know:

  • I regularly shed a tear when watching tv shows where people get a ‘makeover’?
  • I love to be in a theatre or go to a concert every month? Cabaret, theatre, dance, music, what would the world be without it?
  • I ran a Comedy club in Barcelona where many well-known Dutch comedians came to perform 10 years ago?
  • I was born and raised in the south of this country. But I always say, I have a Mediterranean heart ❤️. In the Mediterranean I feel like a fish in water! People always think I come from that region. I just adapt to where I am, whether it is Italy, Spain or Greece.
  • This is also why I don’t like rain at all. My intention is to grow old stylishly in a sunny place somewhere. Age is just a number, it’s ultimately about how old you feel!
  • I like to eat from all the plates on the table. Bring on the ‘mezze’ from Turkey or Greece, I love to try and taste everything ☺
  • I have lived in Rome, near Barcelona (Sitges), near London and in Tokyo, Japan? I had been away from the Netherlands for over 20 years and this was a very special experience for our family and myself. So grateful that we experienced this!
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