Do you recognise this ?

  • You used to be able to handle certain colours just fine, but now they don’t suit you anymore
  • You notice that your skin has changed, you seem to look tired more often

  • Your hair is getting grayer (or is already gray) and because of this, certain colours no longer suit you

  • You often wear and buy the same colours and that feels boring

  • You would like to wear other colours but have no idea which ones to go for

  • You sometimes feel invisible in your blue, gray or black clothes

  • you have a bucket full of lipsticks that you never wear, bought once in a department store or at an airport. There is not one that you really like. You don’t feel like yourself in certain shades of lipstick colours or feel you look like a clown

  • You wear make-up (occasionally) but find it difficult to find a lipstick that really does something for you


Imagine that..

  • You knew exactly what colours make you glow, so that you look young, fresh and energetic, even when you are tired
  • You feel happy and energised when you see yourself in the mirror in your new colours
  • You can walk into a store and know which colours to choose and leave the rest hanging (which saves time, money and energy)
  • You know which neutral colours you need to create an outfit for every day, for work or for a party

  • You shine in your coloured top on Zoom or in your Teams session for work, you feel good!
  • You’ve finally found a lipstick colour that suits you and makes your eyes pop!
  • You get compliments on how good you look

This is all possible if.. you come for a ‘Colour analysis’ session!

Imagine a fun, educational and ‘eye opening’ session in which you learn which colours always make you look your best. Colours that make you look healthy, young and radiant. Who would not want this?

Don’t feel like a plain Jane anymore. Invest in yourself and looking good so that from now on you always know which colours are best for you!


Invest in yourself

Private session

Investment for a colour analysis 1-1 session with me, including make-up advice & your colour fan with fabrics

€ 250,- p.p.


Investment for a colour analysis session in a small group (maximum 3 to 4 people), including make-up advice & your colour fan with fabrics.

€ 200,- p.p.

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What’s the result?

  • You are visible again and you get compliments on how good & radiant you look

  • You can wear colours without looking like a bird of paradise

  • You can recognise your best colours in a store so that shopping becomes easier

  • You know you can look good again by wearing the right shades with the make-up that go with it and that suit you

  • You know how to build your closet around your new colours so you can make all kinds of fun, new combinations

  • You no longer buy colours that do nothing for you

  • You now look at colour very differently and suddenly see the effect on others when it works

You just look good again! You feel happy and beautiful in your outfits again because of the new energy you get from these colours that look so great on you.

Getting dressed is easy!

Your closet will make you happy with new colours to complement your favorites and dressing will be easy. Because you can make colour combinations now that you would never have chosen before. Shopping is much easier and you save money because you will buy with intention after the session and in future.

Quick results!

It also saves you time and energy! From now on you also know which make-up goes with your new colours and what is the icing on the cake for your healthy look. That one lipstick that finishes it off that make your eyes light up and your whole face glows!


‘ It was a more than inspiring session.
It’s as if I’ve found part of the old me again. ‘