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Now that you’re at a certain age, you feel more confident about yourself than ever before

Young people can perhaps get away with colours & styles that don’t suit them ideally. But as you get older your skin colour & body change and you really start paying attention to what works and what does not.

Once you reach a certain age, you feel more confident about yourself than ever before. You know who you are, you know your strengths and your weaknesses and that knowledge makes you feel good. Too bad you don’t look the way you did twenty years ago. Perhaps your style has become boring, practical and not very feminine? Perhaps what used to look so good on you doesn’t look so good anymore. So when you go shopping, you play it safe. Jeans, a nice blouse that camouflages the tummy bulge.

It’s OK, but not exciting. Plus, your clothes and your appearance probably won’t match how you feel inside at all.


You don’t feel you look radiant and energetic in your outfit. There is really more to you.

You have amassed kudos and credibility at your work. They know what you are worth after all these years, given your experience and knowledge. But younger colleagues look more on trend and feminine. For a presentation, you put on that same black blazer you have already worn so often. It makes you feel like a boring, average, middle-aged woman. No shine or radiance. There is so much more to you. And when a nice, new project suddenly goes to a younger colleague, you are disappointed and wonder whether it might have something to do with how you present yourself? Your clothes no longer reflect your qualities and how you feel.


Shopping used to be fun and easy, you chose what you liked and everything looked good on you

You’re standing in the fitting room with that awful artificial light and cannot wait to take off those pants that that are way too tight around the thighs and look strange. You went shopping in good spirits but now you just want to go home and make yourself a cup of tea. Bah! Once again, you didn’t find anything nice. You feel you look the same every day: boring and unremarkable. It isn’t good for your confidence level. Shopping used to be fun and easy. You chose what you liked and everything looked good. That is different now that your hair is going grey, your face is ageing and your body has changed.


You are already stressed about what to wear to that party next weekend

You are already stressed about what to wear to that party next weekend. You want to look good and glow in front of colleagues. But you feel you have nothing to wear. Nothing makes you feel beautiful except that one top. So is it clean? That top is always ok, but you wear it a lot and now you want something different, something new, something special. Where on earth will you find it?


You’re sad he no longer gives you admiring glances these days and sometimes you reminisce

You proudly wear your new blouse today and wonder whether your partner will see it. “Do you see anything different about me?” you ask. He looks surprised and asks, ‘Why, what’s wrong? Have you been to the hairdresser?’ ‘No, I am wearing a new blouse.’ ‘Huh? I thought you already had something like that?’ In earlier years, he used to compliment you. You’re sad he no longer gives you admiring glances these days and sometimes you reminisce. If only you could have that body you had years ago with the mindset of today…


You feel like you look like your mother, who walked a bit like that, and you suddenly feel old and boring

You have a lovely day out with your daughter. She is so beautiful and you notice how people look at her. She shines! You suddenly see yourself,  in a shop window, walking next to her, and think: ‘Jeez is that me?. I look like my mother, she also walked a bit like that.’ And suddenly you feel old and boring. You wonder what happened, they used to look at me too.


If you don’t change anything you will become a Plain Jane

Then all those qualities and your enthusiasm will remain invisible and will not attract the people who really fit in with you. Or the jobs you would love to do at work, now that you have the experience, time and energy for it. Your feelings about yourself and how you look are becoming gradually less positive. That middle-aged-woman look can even impact your friendships and relationships, as well as potential job opportunities.

Is it time for an outside perspective? Please get in touch if you would like me to help!


What typifies me is the zest for life, the passion for making people beautiful

Among my contemporaries, I have seen in recent years how great the transformation is that women go through around the age of fifty. Children leave the house, parents need looking after or die, and our own bodies change. Society reacts differently to women in their fifties than to women in their thirties. It is a transition phase and that often can entail uncertainty, especially about your appearance.

My vision on style and clothing around the age of fifty is that there is no reason to shine less and to emphasise our femininity any less, just because your body changes slightly. Is your blooming period over? Nonsense! Your clothes should reflect who you are and make you feel confident and good. Maybe this is just the time, right now!


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