Can I also book just a separate session with you for only Colour or Style advice?

If you only get advice on colour or style, you will not achieve the result you want. The trajectory package deal has these elements based on my years of experience. In individual cases we can discuss adjustments so just get in touch :). More info

When I’m ten years older and, for example, really gray, will everything change again?

The base stays the same so your colour season doesn’t change; at most you might choose slightly softer or brighter colors as you get older and you can adjust the make-up. Only if your figure changes significantly are you really ready for a different style. Does that apply to you? Then please get in touch.

Do I need to bring anything to the colour or style session?

For the Colour session there is no need to bring anything unless you would like to show me your make up or bring items you are not sure about from the colour perspective.

For the Style Session I ask you to bring around 5 or 6 pieces of clothing that you feel very good in and that are typically ‘you’. These may also be accessories or shoes. Furthermore, bring a number of things that you don’t feel happy in, consider wrong purchases or things that don’t suit you in terms of fabric, print or style. Together we look at why they don’t work for you and whether you can make them work by adding something, for example by changing something slightly.

Can I come wearing make up to a colour session ?

It is best to come to the colour analysis session without make up & perfume. You can bring your own make up and any clothing you are unsure about in terms of colour so we can look at this when you are here.

How long does a session take?

The Colour analysis Session takes about 1.5 to 2 hours per person. The Style session runs typically from 10:00 to 15:00, depending on the number of questions and number of people in the group.

Can I bring a friend?

You can bring a friend to the Colour session if he or she would like to watch, that’s fine! In the personalised Style session, participants receive a lot of information from me that is tailored specifically to them and therefore pay per person.

Could I also do a Colour analysis session online with you?

No, I do not offer online Colour analysis because at House of Colour we do not believe that you can give a good and thorough advice with a screen in between. A screen distorts the colour of both the face and the item of clothing so it can never be accurate. I only want to offer the highest quality and very best to my clients.

My advice is therefore not to spend money on online colour advice. You can get an online Style advice though! I have clients from New Zealand to the US. The only challenge is matching the time of the session with the time difference. The session is usually divided into two parts, each lasting approximately two-hours.