Personal shopping. Do you recognise this? Styling by Maud.

Do you recognise this ?

  • You are standing in a big department store and you feel overwhelmed by how much there is. ‘Help where do I start’?

  • When you go shopping, you’d rather play it safe: black, gray and dark blue are your basic collection. And if you’re honest: they now form almost your entire clothing collection. Boring… and you’re not boring, but no one can tell by your clothes anymore. You’re fed up with that, but what you now have in your closet can’t possibly radiate the liveliness, experience and decisiveness that you have in you.
  • You want something completely different, but what on earth?
  • You hate shopping and only do it when you have to and then often don’t succeed
  • You would like to buy second-hand, but where or how?
  • You think how wonderful would it be if someone else would choose beautiful things for you without having to spend hours shopping online yourself or strolling through the city for three hours for something nice
  • You have a special occasion and are worried about what to wear and where to find something suitable and nice


  • You could get help now on how and where to find beautiful things that look perfect on you
  • You could add new nice items to your closet so that you suddenly you have a lot of new combinations!
  • You got compliments for looking so good in your new clothes
  • You knew how to score something in second-hand shops
  • Someone did the preliminary work in the shops for you so that on the shopping day you only have to try on and pay for the new acquisitions?
  • No longer having to search online for hours or shop in a store as someone else has the right clothes ready for you?

  • Finding something beautiful for that special occasion that you’ve been looking for
Hoe zou het zijn als je... - Personal shopping - Styling by Maud

Book a Personal shopping session with me!

I do the preliminary work with the list we made together or what that you have given me. I know exactly where to find those things for you. You will only try on things that I think are perfect for you.

Preloved Items

It is the best and easiest if you have already done your colour and style assessment with me. I then know exactly what you need. I love ‘preloved items’ myself and that option is definitely available in The Hague and surroundings!

What does it cost?

Invest in yourself


Investment for personal shopping

€ 70,- per hour


Multiple people are also possible, price in consultation

Personal Shopping - Invest in yourself - Styling by Maud

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“Even shopping was fun, while I normally don’t like this at all. But Maud made it easy and successful! ‘