Do you recognise this ?

  • Your body has changed..what used to look good on you no longer looks good on you now
  • Your wardrobe is therefore a mix of clothes that used to be nice and new things that just aren’t.
    You just don’t have anything nice to wear anymore and you’re fed up with that
  • You have spent years caring for others and now look at your closet and think ‘is this me?’ You dressed yourself by making ‘easy’ choices, but you are done with that now. So what should you wear?
  • You feel invisible, boring and unattractive in the clothes you wear now and that makes you feel insecure
  • Getting dressed every morning isn’t always fun. You look in your closet and it makes you sad. There are six different outfits that are all more or less the same and not one of them really makes you happy. It doesn’t really look good, you don’t recognise yourself in it or realise it’s something you used to look good in, but now you wonder if that is still possible.

What would it be like for you if..

  • You knew what kind of jackets, dresses and trousers really looked good on you, not only with your figure, but also with who you are as a person?
  • You know which prints and fabrics work for you and which are better to avoid. For example, you know when It’s too heavy, fussy or too much.
  • You understand why certain garments work for you and why others don’t work at all
  • From now on you know what to buy and what to ignore in the shops
  • You can save money, time and energy by being able to shop specifically for what suits you and what looks good on you
  • When you finally have that closet full of clothes that make you happy, for every occasion you’ll have something beautiful or nice to wear that makes you feel good and also yourself.
  • Soon you will be able to make more combinations with fewer items of clothing. Less is more!

All this is possible if you come for a ‘Personal Style’ session!

You will learn which style of clothing best suits you and your figure, but also who you are. You will know when it’s just right!

Invest in yourself and looking good so that from now on you will always know where you stand and won’t have to make any more bad purchases.

Personal shopping - Styling by Maud
What does it cost?

Invest in yourself


Investment for a 1-1 Style session with me, including your style book & lunch

€ 395,- p.p.


Investment for a Style session in a small group (max 3 people), including your style book & lunch

€ 300,- p.p.

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What’s the result?

  • You will know what kind of jackets, dresses and trousers look best on you, with your figure and your characteristics, and match who YOU ​​are. So that it’s just right!
  • You will know what kind of prints and fabrics work best for you
  • You will know what length of garment is best, what kind of neckline to go for when choosing tops, and what kind of shoes & accessories complete your look
  • In the future you will be able to make the right choices for timeless beautiful pieces in your wardrobe, whether they are good basics or that special piece that really suits you and makes you feel great
  • You will only buy things that make you very happy and that last a long time
  • You will finally have that closet with beautiful things that fit you, feel good and allow you to combine endlessly

You feel like a 2.0 version of yourself, authentic and powerful. It suits you and others see that too!


‘Best decision ever to work with Maud’