A lot less than before

So you have proven your worth in the workplace

And yet another nice job goes to a younger colleague, who you know very well has less knowledge and experience than you. But you understand the need to look dynamic in that role and realise that you no longer cut it, like before, with that spreading, middle-aged figure.

Zero response from your husband

Then again, you wouldn’t want to be in your 20s again!

You now feel much calmer, wiser and more yourself – which is great, actually. But If only you had the body you had fifteen years ago. If you’re wearing something new, even if it’s beautiful, chances are you’ll get zero response from your husband. You remember the days when he could eat you up if you walked around in a new outfit. You get it, but it hurts.

Another blow to your self-confidence

If you are lucky enough to have a daughter, a stunning young woman, your heart will burst with pride when you see her

You can imagine the heads that turn when she walks by. You used to have that too. Not anymore. That’s another blow to your confidence. It’s not that you don’t get that attention anymore, you can do without it now. It’s the fact that you look like your own mother, like a middle-aged woman. That’s what gets you.

You used to do it that way

Okay, the light doesn’t make it better

Even if you ignore that horrible fitting room lighting, you won’t look good in this dress, which seemed exactly your style on the hanger. Whether it’s your thighs or your stomach, everything you don’t want to be visible is visible. You don’t know how quickly you want to take it off again, and you ignore the saleswoman who calls you to come out to show it off. You used to do it that way. Back then, when shopping was still fun.

Plain Jane?

So basically, you don’t have anything that looks really good on you anymore

“What are you wearing?” asks a colleague. She’s already working on her outfit for the upcoming dinner. You still have no idea. There are all kinds of things in your wardrobe that used to look good. But now they make you look like Plain Jane, rather than an elegant & classy person with years of wisdom.

So basically, you don’t have anything that looks really good on you anymore. So you will wash the top that always looks good, even if you’re tired of having nothing nicer than that one thing you’ve already worn on so many occasions…


Just imagine…:

Enjoyable and better shopping

Shopping for clothes is fun and successful again. You choose the things you know will look good on you now and discover new and beautiful combinations based on the EXISTING contents of your own wardrobe.

The logical choice

You think it is logical that they immediately think of you for a given project. You have the knowledge, the experience, the wisdom and the energetic aura you need for such a task.

This feels good

You feel attractive and feminine again, and see that reflected in your partner’s eyes.

Proud together

You walk proudly, with your head held high, alongside your daughter on a day out ☺ – each of you beautiful in your own way.

Well prepared

For every occasion, including that party, you have something beautiful or fun to wear that makes you feel good. Clothing that represents who you are and how you want to present yourself.


The trajectory: ‘Show your potential in your style

Includes 4 sessions:

  • style advice we determine which clothing style suits your appearance, your figure and your personality

  • colour advice you receive advice on colours that enhance your appearance, and which make-up goes with it

  • wardrobe session we make an inventory of the clothes you have and what is missing, so that we can sustainably supplement your wardrobe

  • personal shopping we will purchase the items you want to complete your wardrobe with, taking into account your budget. I’ve already done the legwork, so you just have to try on the selected things in a limited number of stores (2.5 hours)

Invest in yourself

For you

Investment for a total package including: style advice, colour advice, a closet session and personal shopping is:

€ 995,- p.p.

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Total package op Styling by Maud

At the end of this journey…

  • You will radiate everything you are: your seniority, your energy and your positive personality. That alone gives you more confidence! You completely understand why they ask you for that fun and prestigious job.

  • You feel like the attractive woman you are again, and what your husband – you must admit – has always seen in you. But now that you can see and feel it yourself again, it feels wonderful.

  • You feel proud when you walk down the street with your daughter: what beautiful women you are!

  • You enjoy and are successful when you shop now and feel satisfied when you have found something great that matches with other items in your closet. You glow when you wear it and get compliments from others about how good you look.

  • You know you have something to wear for that one party, for example that beautiful dress you recently bought that fits perfectly and makes you feel feminine. No more stress about what to wear!