Do you recognise this ?

  • You stand in front of your wardrobe and take a deep breath. So much stuff but nothing really nice to wear
  • You can’t see the wood for the trees and always take the top of the pile
  • You feel frustrated that you are wearing that same jacket or blouse again that you have worn so many times before
  • You know you have a lot more but don’t have the energy or time to go through your wardrobe
  • You always wear the same combinations that give you that same look
  • You feel guilty when you see all your things in your wardrobe and yet are dissatisfied with what you have

What would it be like if…

  • You were happy every day when you open your wardrobe
  • You have a good overview of what you have
  • You know how to combine things from your wardrobe
  • You have something for every occasion
  • You finally know what you’re still missing and can go shopping with that list after the session
  • You make the most out of your wardrobe again after rediscovering old ’treasures’
  • This whole experience just clears the head!

Make room for new combinations

This is possible if you book a Wardrobe session with me.

A Wardrobe session is very personal as everyone has different needs. Some prefer to just clean out their wardrobe with me, others have already done this but struggle to make combinations and would like new insights. Some like to make a shopping list and planning after the session to purchase specific things. I prefer to do this session after your colour and style advice because then I know exactly what you look like and what you need and so do you ☺.

We are going to make new combinations that are very unique to you so that you can open that wardrobe again with pleasure!

‘Less is more’

I teach you why ‘less is more’ and how to deal with your clothes in a sustainable way. You don’t always have to buy more or feel like you have to get rid of half your wardrobe. Sometimes it’s just as good to take a really thorough look at the collection you have in there. So you can start afresh with a clean slate. It clears the head too!

What does it cost?

Invest in yourself


Investment for a Wardrobe session is approximately 2-3 hours

€ 225,- p.p.*

* Den Haag region

Total package

Investment for a total package including: style advice, colour advice, a wardrobe session and personal shopping is:

€ 895,- p.p.



What do you achieve?

  • You know what can go
  • You know what can stay
  • You know how to make new combinations with existing clothing
  • You know what you are still missing in order to make more combinations. This can be a good belt, nice trousers, a good jacket or a pair of boots
  • You have a list of things you still want to buy, so you can shop very specifically
What do you achieve? Wardrobe session. Styling by Maud